Keeping an Eye Out for Ear-Ticklers

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Sermon Notes

None of us like being lied to, especially when someone lies in order to take advantage of us.  Perhaps we have come to expect less than ethical behavior when it comes to car dealerships, used car salespeople, and telemarketers.  Where we don’t expect to find that sort of behavior, however, is in the church.  Yet, it happens there as well, usually being found in the words of false teachers.
False teachers have been a problem in the church since day one.  As Paul draws near the end of his letter, 1) he warns us to steer clear of smooth-talking false-teachers; 2) he follows that up with an encouragement to continue growing in obedience and discernment, and 3) he finishes up by reminding us to trust God to give us the final victory.
Carefully consider the truth of everything you are taught.
Romans 16:17-20
Mar. 12, 2023
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