God’s Grace is Always Amazing

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There are kind people in the world.  We experience their graciousness at times when we truly don’t deserve it.  Maybe you made it up to the counter with your purchase and suddenly realized you were 50 cents short, but the cashier let you make the purchase anyway.  It’s not that you deserved it or earned it.  That person was just showing you a little grace.
God’s grace is even more amazing than that!  God faithfully offers forgiveness and salvation for our sins throughout the course of our lives.  He waits patiently for us to accept His gracious offer, because He wants an eternal relationship with us.  God’s forgiveness is not something we can earn, and it is certainly not something we deserve.  It’s just God’s amazing grace at work.
God’s faithfulness and grace mean He isn’t finished with you yet.
Romans 11:1-10
Sept. 4, 2022
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