What Have You Heard?

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Many of the things we do in life have a particular order to them, and often if things are attempted out of order, it just wont work.  When I was a paramedic and was going to start an I.V. on someone, there were a number of things that had to be done before I pulled out that needle. I needed to open a bag of Saline; attach the drip tubing and purge it of air; prepare any containers to take blood samples; set out tape and items necessary to secure the I.V. to the patient; place a tourniquet on their arm; swab the location with alcohol; and then I was finally ready to get the needle out.
There is an order to things for hearing God’s Good News as well.  You can’t call on God if you don’t believe in Him; you can’t believe in Him if you’ve never heard of Him; you wont hear of Him if nobody tells you about Him; and that can’t happen unless somebody is willing to go tell people.
People need to hear the Good News that they can ask God for His gracious salvation.
Romans 10:14-21
Aug. 28, 2022
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