The Simplicity of Salvation

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If you’ve ever seen a Rube Goldberg machine you know that it’s a complicated device designed to perform a simple task.  For instance, one machine incorporated 98 separate steps to simply open a book.
Like Rube Goldberg machines, we humans can sometimes unnecessarily complicate things too.  One such area is the matter of Salvation.  Salvation is quite simple according to Scripture.
In Romans 10:1-13, Paul shows us the simplicity of Salvation.  First, we need a right understanding of God’s righteousness.  Secondly, God’s righteousness is received by faith.  And, Thirdly, God’s righteousness is available to all.
Salvation is not about what we know or do, it’s about what we believe  confess.
Romans 10:1-13
Aug. 21, 2022
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