The Problem With Presumption

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Have you ever jumped to a conclusion, or judged a book by its cover?  If you have, then you understand what it is to “presume” something.  Sometimes we may be right in our presumptions, other times we may be wrong.
In Rom. 9:19, Paul suggests a presumption that his readers might have held – if God is in control of everything, then how is it fair for Him to blame us for sin?  In verses 20-29, Paul responds with 3 truths which reveal that most of our problems with God seeming unfair arise because our image or understanding of God is distorted by our own presumptions.
The truth is: 1) God Has the Right to Deal with His World as He Wishes; 2) God Has Revealed His Patience & Purpose; 3) God Pre-Recorded His Plans through the Prophets.
God shows us patient endurance rather than simply the powerful wrath we deserve.
Romans 9:19-29
Aug. 7, 2022
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