Stumbling Out of Sin into Salvation

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Driving down a twisty mountain road, coming home from a camping trip, one of our daughters got car sick.  We had to pull over to get her cleaned up.  A few minutes later, some of our friends with whom we’d been camping pulled up behind us to see if everything was okay.  As my friend was walking back to his car, he happened to cast a glance at the wheel on the trailer he was towing and discovered that the bearings had failed, and the wheel had almost come completely off the axle.  If he hadn’t stopped, he most certainly would have lost the wheel in just a few more miles. Sometimes unpleasant things happen, but they lead to something good.  In this case, my daughter getting sick, led to my friend pulling over, and narrowly avoiding what would have been a bad accident on a mountain road. 
In Rom. 11:11-24 we find that Israel’s rejection of the Gospel led to its spread to other nations, resulting in salvation for many people.  God continued to leave the door open for repentance and the acceptance of the gift of forgiveness He offers to all.  But, it all started with Israel. Three things stand out in this section of Romans: 1) God can bring blessings out of bad things; 2) Watch out for pride & presumption about our place with God; 3) God promises to receive those who are repentant.
What we find is that – faith is the one way to have a right relationship with God.
Romans 11:11-24
Sept. 11, 2022
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