Planning for Uncertain Times

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Sermon Notes

It seems that uncertainty is alive and well in our world today.  One look at the cost of many items, people’s retirement savings & plans, or the housing market shows that life is uncertain at best.  So, what are we to do?  How do you plan for uncertainty? 
Really, there are only two options here.  One is to strive for self-sufficiency – try to do it all ourselves, figuring things to the best of our natural abilities.  But, the better way is to seek God’s direction – relying on the one who can see all things and holds the future.
There are two major movements in the last few verses of James 4.  James warns us that 1) Self-Sufficient Planning is Full of Problems, and 2) Self-Sufficiency is Boastful & Sinful.
We need to seek God’s direction in all we decide to do.
James 4:13-17
Sept. 10, 2023
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