Ministry Motivation

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Sermon Notes

We generally have a reason for doing the things we do, maybe even multiple reasons.  We go to work to earn money to support ourselves, and hopefully because we enjoy what we do.  Maybe you exercise to keep fit, and perhaps because you like the activity itself.
What about in terms of ministry?  What is it that encourages us to serve God with the gifts and abilities He’s given us?  In Romans 15 Paul describes his ministry, and in doing so, provides us with some universal ministry motivations.
These are the things we need to remember as serve the Lord: 1) God is the one who equips us for ministry; 2) Our ministry should result in praise & worship of God; 3) Our ministry is empowered by Christ; 4) We need to aspire to accomplish all that God calls us to do.
Humbly give God the glory for His gracious ministry in and through you. 
Romans 15:14-21
Feb. 12, 2023
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