It’s Not All About You

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Sermon Notes

We all have opinions in virtually every area of our lives.  Some of our opinions are based on fact, others are merely preferences.  This is fine, of course, until we run into someone whose opinion differs from ours. How strongly each of us holds our opinion will determine how a conflict of opinions goes.
How are we to relate to fellow believers, especially when we disagree about something?  The short answer, I suppose, is to remember that it’s not all about you.  Paul’s longer answer shows up in Rom. 15:1-13, where we find 6 helpful suggestions: 1) Be others-oriented, not self-centered; 2) Follow the example of Christ; 3) Focus on Christ to facilitate unity in worship; 4) Be accepting because you are accepted; 5) Find hope and help in God’s Word; 6) Let God so fill you that your hope overflows.
Strive for unity and accept one another in love, as Christ has accepted you.
Romans 15:1-13
Jan. 29, 2023
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